Deep within the womb of the Earth lay a mysterious treasure. It came into being soon after the birth of the world. It manifested itself as a sound. At first it mewed like an infant, but as it matured it called out like one of the sirens. An enchanting, captivating song. A hymn for one yet to be recognised.
This hymn was certainly not intended for the ears of greedy men. They misinterpreted the subtlety of the melody, believing that it signified material things like gold and jewels. Those who descended into the earth to grasp the intangible returned empty-handed.
How were they to know that the song called for a fabulous creature?
Millennia passed until one day this creature arrived. It was nourished by the hymn and eventually found its true nature: the soul of womankind. Through some quirk of evolution it took on the appearance of a majestic dragon.
Sometimes the dragon grew restless and would fly round the world, as though seeking something. It was spotted by men who tracked it to its lair. Just as it had planned. But these descendants of the earlier ones had not learned to shed their rapacious skins. They were convinced that the dragon guarded a fortune. Gold shone in their eyes as they plotted their bloody slaughter.
Innocent of the men’s motives the dragon created a second image of its soul. That of a damsel. It thought this the lure to raise men’s consciousness. The perfect meeting of two souls.
Still mindful of a hoard the men were now further spurred on by the hubris of becoming heroes.
Swords clanged. The damsel dragon annihilated the attackers. Its pooled tears reflected a forlorn hope that one day men would learn the right hymn and be rewarded with the true treasure.